Cooking With Marge

That zany culinary traveling comedy  show starring Marjoram Fennel!  Marge can't cook!  She can't even open a can of soup!  Join Marge as she gives free bad advice and tells you about her family in her audience participation wacky show!  You'll laugh your bundt off!

          To book or for more information
              Call Clever Productions Inc.                                         1-888-918-6505

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Upcoming Events

March 8 2020
Stoutland Senior Center
March 9, 2020
Elks Lodge, Laurie, MO
March 15, 2020
Private Party 
March 20, 2020
Private Party


          A New Restaurant Review! 

New Demo! Thanks to Clever Productions Inc. & Funky Little Theater in Colorado Springs!

Spring Cleaning With Marge

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