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   About Linda Spall a.k.a. Marge

Linda's first theater experience was as one of the seven dwarfs in "Snow White" in sixth grade, It was when she could hear her mother in the audience  moan "Oh my God!" that she  knew something was definitely happening and it had something to do with humor. The same audience reactions occurred in high school and much to the  chagrin of  her drama teacher who when Linda's performances earned her the Presidency of the school's Thespians Club, moaned more than once "How could this have happened?!?".  After a year at college, taking only English and Theater courses, she appeared in "She Stoops To Conquer" her freshman year opposite a guy from a local high school who kindly stepped in named John Goodman. Linda was a haughty freshman prima dona who paid him very little attention. Not the first nor last of her somewhat mistaken choices.  After more college and attending Theater Acting Studio in Paramus New Jersey and Lee Strausberg's Actors Studio in New York, Linda realized after a year that her humor interfered somewhat with method acting.

Returning home she and her husband, Kevin Kurth, a singer/musician had two children, Keli and Jamie, their greatest accomplishments. Both swore the children would NEVER enter show business (feeding and clothing them seemed to be an issue). Anyone who knows Linda, Keli & Jamie personally knows how well that turned out!     
After teaching childrens' theater and appearing in community theater in Wisconsin and Missouri, graduating to The Royal Dumpe Dinner Theater (as Carmen Getit) This particular job taught her how to dodge people sick on beer) then on to Kevin O'Brien's Upstage Productions 2 person Murder Mysteries (which taught her how to dodge people sick on wine) she was ready to venture out on her own. When a restaurant owner wanted unique entertainment "Cooking With Marge" was born. Linda traveled with Marge. Accepting a job in Casper, Wyoming performing living history characters, Linda's
portrayals of Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith Wilson and Carry A. Nation allow her to deliver thought-provoking messages to audiences.

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