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  Eleanor Roosevelt
"Finding your Voice"

 This presentation depicting Eleanor Roosevelt focuses on the contributions that we all can make to society no matter what our age or position. With her trademark high voice intonations, the 45 minute to one hour lecture, touches on the First Lady's life challenges and her journey to "find her voice" and place in the world.   Inspiring!

        Edith Wilson
    "Secret President"

After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a disastrous, debilitating stroke, his second wife, Edith, acted as protector, caretaker and nurse, sheltering him from the anxieties and stress of decision-making as well as the extensive duties of the presidency. But was it out of love or power? Join Edith as she tells her side of the story!

         Carry A. Nation

Based on the book "Carry A. Nation" written by Fran Grace, this dramatic interpretation of the life of the "Hatchet Lady, who smashed saloons in the name of God and marched to the beat of her own inner drum helps us understand who we are. The message is to realize that our actions and beliefs are dependent upon our personal experiences, environment, family, religion, current events and sociological influences and "signs of the times" as well as the question of "religious violence".

                      Kate Chopin
 St. Louis author Kate Chopin is best known for her feminist novel written in 1899 called "The Awakening".  Ahead of her time, Kate wrote the story of a woman who as a mother and wife found tragically, her only way to cope with the morals and times.   

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