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               List of Marge Shows

                  "Cooking With Marge"
           "Spring Cleaning with Marge"
                "Camping With Marge"
                "Holidays With Marge"
             "Halloween With Marge"

                 "Aging With Marge"
               "Mystery With Marge"
                "Music With Marge"

("Music With Marge" features Kevin Kurth  with piano and incredible baritone voice!  His voice is baritone....not Marge's!)
       Marge Fennel caught!
 Ruined Thanksgiving Dinner!

Marge shows usually need no special set, lighting or sound with audiences of 120 or less, depending on the room.  She can perform on a stage or floor level as  she loves to walk through the audience!

Shows can be almost any length you prefer. Either a 45 minute to an hour or a full night's entertainment in two or three acts.  For the full-length performance she will bring her own table for setup. For "Music With Marge" we can use your piano or ours!


                     What groups are perfect for a Marge Show?

Men and Women both love Marge! Shows are appropriate as per the audience. The show is geared for your attendees. Below see places where Marge has performed!

 St. Charles, MO        Casper, WY                   Colorado Springs, CO    
  St. Louis, MO            St. Joseph, MO            Kansas City, MO
 Lincoln, NE               Ansbach, Germany      Pittsfield, IL
  Chicago, IL                Burlington, CO             Columbia, MO
  Boise, ID                    Denver, CO                    Riverboats                

    Theaters, Boats, Trains, Conventions, Clubs,  Wineries, 
     Bus Tours,  Red Hats, Festivals, Hotels,  Inns, Restaurant
     Banquets, Reunions, Churches, AARP, Senior Groups,  
    Athletic Clubs, Main Street Associations, Community Centers,
     Military Bases, Dinner Theaters, Fund Raisers


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